Bridgetree focuses on delivering the outcomes that matter to marketers: incrementality through profitable customer acquisition, development and retention. Our expertise spans across marketing strategy, innovation, data, technology, insights, and campaign execution services.

What We Do

We help clients acquire new customers, develop lifetime value + retain customer relationships that last.

We’re holistic—we see how all your offline and online pieces fit together to make sure you’re leveraging them for maximum efficiency.

We manage first-party data on behalf of our clients and enrich customer records to create unique, Golden Records that fuel personalized marketing.

We leverage data sources to fold in granular third and second-party audiences to go beyond the typical first party and lookalike targeting to help you find the segments that convert best.

We apply advanced analytics and utilize powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock new marketing opportunities that deliver lift.

Yes, lots of data is great, but we don’t forget the human factor. We have data scientists and marketers on staff to help you make sense out of what all your data means and how to leverage it for better business outcomes.

We design, orchestrate and execute personalized campaigns across any channel, within our clients’ tech stack or using our own, if needed.

Our managed/campaign services team can execute campaigns in online areas like paid search, social and programmatic display as well as offline areas like direct mail.

We provide closed-loop performance reporting and develop dashboards to visualize the efficacy of our clients’ marketing spend.

You own your data. We are 100% transparent and provide all raw data from sources like website analytics, ad platforms and any data source we may manage.

We implement open-garden platforms and custom technology solutions that enable effective consumer marketing at scale.

Working in closed gardens like Facebook? Not a problem. Leveraging platforms with open APIs and web hooks? We can help them talk to one another.

We have in-house developers, so no matter how custom your need, we can code to your specific business needs.

The Bridgetree


We focus exclusively on the outcomes that matter most to marketers: to profitably acquire, develop and retain customers. We are accountable for these outcomes and strive to structure engagements that are performance-based.

The average tenure of our top 8 clients is > 8 yrs.

We have sat in the seat. Every conversation and engagement involves a team comprised of former client-side marketers. We contextualize your opportunities quickly and develop test-and-learn approaches that yield results.

We implemented a full marketing tech stack and delivered 10% lift in marketing outcomes <6 weeks.


We unlock innovation-as-a-competency. Our in-house research and innovation team works with clients to solve unique client problems – ranging from natural language processing bots to website scrapers to in-store digital transformation initiatives.

In 24 hours, we developed a customer reservation system to help retailers address COVID-19 public health issues.

We believe that market-validated learnings are the critical component to unlock outcomes. We don’t let perfection be the enemy of good – from application development to campaign deployment. We over-invest early in client relationships to ensure that we succeed quickly.

We implemented a 1:1 CRM test-and-learn portfolio program in <4 weeks.