A History With Deep Roots

Guided by clever insights and instinct after 18 years experience in marketing data and print production, Mark Beck founded Bridgetree in 1995. The firm served early clients as a USPS direct mail logistics provider that enabled marketing executives to dramatically boost their marketing response rates while simultaneously reducing postage costs. Self funded from day one, Bridgetree experienced rapid growth while maintaining a unique, family friendly “work where you live” employment policy without traditional office workspace environments.

Building on its early success, Bridgetree skills and talent quickly evolved into other high growth service offerings to drive deeper efficiencies for marketing departments. Data processing and statistical modeling lead by our first PhD statistician fueled even more organic growth in 1997 and Bridgetree’s mantra to “make marketing work better” continued to deliver results and exceed expectations for more and more clients, many of which we continue to collaborate with today.

In 2000 Bridgetree continued expansion into the decision sciences by founding our first office in Kolkata, India that focused purely on Data-mining and web development. By 2006, expertise in system design and development evolved and Bridgetree’s data centers managed over 3 million daily visitors on our marketing on-demand platforms. To further bolster our system support and mobile development capabilities, two additional international offices were founded in Xian, China in 2007 and in Bangalore, India in 2010.

With our talented teams continuing to focus on the needs of our clients, Bridgetree continues to perform and demonstrate very strong financial results which enables us to continue to invest in next-generation projects we predict will be mutually beneficial for our clients and Bridgetree.

Today Bridgetree remains focused on the values Mark Beck founded the company on: deliver high quality/low cost, innovative, accurate and respectful service – with a smile. If your organization has a complex problem and shares these values, we invite you to contact us so we learn more about how Bridgetree can serve as your business partner.

A Culture That Works

Bridgetree's culture is one that emphasizes high quality, low cost, innovation, accuracy and respect. Further, we believe that very high quality work can be produced at low cost and, as a result, our clients and our company will thrive.

We invest in our customers. We benefit only if they do so first.

These values are well served by our corporate situation, which is not burdened by any debt. The company has grown primarily through long-term customer relationships and referrals to new customers. We emphasize substance over "flash," and we spend our energy focusing on our customers’ businesses.

The company is organized to operate with speed and agility. We hire the best talent, treat each other with respect, and encourage innovative thinking and independent action on behalf of our clients.

We believe these values and corporate attributes allow us to develop and deliver exceptionally productive products and services. In doing so, we help make our clients stronger competitors and insure that Bridgetree will continue to be an interesting, desirable place to work and grow.

The company has many repetitive clients, and a policy of not investing in physical-assets (letter shops or rolling stock—Bridgetree is not a letter shop, creative agency or trucking operation). This allows us to be academic with our questions and objective in our conclusions.


Bridgetree specializes in developing and managing complex marketing applications using sensitive data for many prominent companies. To protect our clients, we have a policy of not publicly disclosing client names, applications, web sites, data center locations, data types, sources, integration points, certifications or any other information that can cause harm if compromised. Our security posture is aggressive and our privacy policy starts with silence.