Case Study Intro – Fortune 50 Retailer

Leading National Retailer

Bridgetree created a program predicting and targeting new movers for a Fortune 50 company, generating $129 million in net incremental sales and a 188% increase in redemption percentage in a single year.

Case Study Process – Fortune 50 Retailer



The national retailer was struggling to increase share of wallet from new movers and needed to change its overall approach to targeting them.



Bridgetree created a program targeting new movers via direct mail by designing “touchpoints”: phases of the move cycle, from home listed for sale to arrival and settling in at the new home.



The new program generated $129 million in net incremental sales in a single year and a 188% increase in redemption percentage over the incumbent USPS program.

Case Study Four Companies – Fortune 50 Retailer

Regional Health System

400% Increase in New Patients

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National Home Security Provider

167% Increase in Leads

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National Amusement Park

631% ROI Increase

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Leading National Insurance Company

Qualified/Prioritized Sales Leads Increase

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