Case Study Intro – Insurance Agent Lead Prioritization

Insurance Agent Lead Prioritization

Bridegtree built a data system for a top National Insurance brand to prioritize leads for its agents, giving them more time to sell and speeding the sales cycle.

Case Study Process – Insurance Agent Lead Prioritization



A top national Insurance brand needed a system to prioritize leads for its 9,000 agents.



Bridgetree built a data system that consumes leads from multiple sources, scores and prioritizes them daily.



Agent devote far more time to selling, instead of deciding which lead they think is the most important, speeding the sales cycle.

Case Study Four Companies – Insurance Agent Lead Prioritization

Leading National Retailer

50% Decrease in Production Timelines

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Leading National Retailer

700+% ROI Increase

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Regional Health System

400% Increase in New Patients

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National Home Security Provider

167% Increase in Leads

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