Case Study Intro – Marketing & Business Planning System

Marketing & Business Planning System

Bridgetree built a web-based solution for a national Fortune 50 retailer allowing the company to reduce its production timelines by more than 50%.

Case Study Process – Marketing & Business Planning System



A national Fortune 50 retailer needed a systematic way to plan and execute its marketing events and promotions.



Bridgetree built a web based solution that allows the company’s marketing department to plan, develop, manage, execute, and report on all events and promos in one central repository.



Because of the process improvements and efficiency gains of the solution, the client was able to reduce its production timelines by more than 50% (from 13 weeks to 6 weeks).

Case Study Four Companies – Marketing & Business Planning System

Leading National Retailer

700+% ROI Increase

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Regional Health System

400% Increase in New Patients

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National Home Security Provider

167% Increase in Leads

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National Amusement Park

631% ROI Increase

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