Marketing & Business Planning System

Bridgetree built a web-based solution for a national Fortune 50 retailer allowing the company to reduce its production timelines by more than 50%.

Insurance Agent Lead Prioritization

Bridgetree built a data system for a top National Insurance brand to prioritize leads for its agents, giving them more time to sell and speeding the sales cycle.

National Amusement Park Operator

Bridgetree created a program for a National Amusement Park targeting new movers with specific household traits that generated a 79% increase in lead response with a 631% ROI.

National Home Security Provider

Bridgetree’s work provided higher quality data and a rapid cycle process to increase leads by 167% and 76% faster than their previous process.

Regional Health System

Bridgetree created a program targeting new movers for a Regional Healthcare System that generated a 400% increase of new patient leads in the first 2 months.

Leading National Retailer

By predicting and targeting new movers, Bridgetree generated $129 million in net incremental sales and a 188% increase in redemption in a single year for a Fortune 50 company.