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Bridgetree is excited to introduce our newest solution, LIFT. LIFT packages our experiences, expertise and an amazing technology platform in a complete solution that can seamlessly manage rapidly growing data sets, apply intelligence in real-time and orchestrate responsive multi-channel, multi-touch marketing campaigns.

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Consumer Activity

New data sources are emerging daily, adding unstructured and semi-structured data to siloed environments that most often do not connect, resulting in fragmented customer experiences. LIFT is able to seamlessly connect these data sources and consumer behavior to close that customer gap.

Golden Record

The LIFT augmented data is combined to form a complete “Golden Record” of information that perfectly describes your potential customer. It then automates decisions, in-line analytics, and advanced learning to determine the best action for each customer along the buyer’s journey.

Real-Time Engagement

Using the “Golden Record”, LIFT is able to create hyper-personalized, real-time multi-channel campaigns and marketing automation to effectively reach customers, drive engagement and increase customer loyalty.

Continuous Insights

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, LIFT optimizes campaign performance and continuously adds additional data to enhance the “Golden Record” even further for increased identity resolution.

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LIFT is structured to make cost-of-entry and time-to-value refreshingly achievable. Let us show you how quickly a market trial with LIFT can deliver results for you.

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