This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for Bridgetree LLC. This privacy policy applies solely to information used by Bridgetree LLC. Bridgetree provides data driven solutions that allow our clients to more effectively use information while maintaining the personal privacy of their customers. Bridgetree solutions may collect, transfer, store, analyze, consolidate, merge, and summarize various forms of information on behalf of our clients. 


Bridgetree is dedicated to protecting client and third party information by applying industry standard security policies and practices designed to protect information from external and internal threats. Bridgetree does not publicly disclose client names, applications, data center locations, data types, sources, integration points, certifications or any other information that can cause harm if compromised.

Bridgetree uses various levels of security and encryption to protect client information in transit and at rest. Bridgetree employees go through background checks, security awareness training, and secure coding training.

Personal Information

Bridgetree manages personally identifiable information from our clients and third party resources. Bridgetree does not disclose any personally identifiable information in a fashion that does not conform to federal law, our client’s data handling policies, and third party terms and conditions.

Bridgetree may collect logs from websites managed by Bridgetree which may include date, time, IP address, hardware/device type, browser, and web pages visited to be used for site diagnostics or application security. Bridgetree may also collect or manage logs on behalf our clients based on the client’s privacy policy.

Bridgetree may use website cookies as part of the user experience on a website. Bridgetree does not collect cookie data for sale.

Bridgetree uses personally information in the following instances:

  • Provide services to our clients in a fashion that conforms to their policies.
  • Meet the terms and conditions of third party data providers.
  • Provide information for marketing services.
  • To comply with any law, federal statute, or legal obligation.
  • Protect against security threats and fraudulent actions.

Policy Update

Bridgetree’s Privacy Policy may change without notice and is effective immediately after posting. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, contact us at