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Data Services by Bridgetree

Your Data needs roots. We're here to grow them.

Bridgetree delivers a wide variety of data services to support the most demanding enterprise service levels and security controls. Since 1997, Bridgetree’s data services have continually executed large scale data processing and decision support to leading retailers and financial services organizations. Supported by a world-class data infrastructure, analytic talent and tools, we process and exchange millions of records each day.

Additionally, Bridgetree has exceptional capabilities in partnering with clients and related suppliers to identify, quantify, test and rollout marketing programs that provide a measurable return on marketing investments.

Data Switzerland®

Nearly all of our programs are multichannel—and Bridgetree constantly serves as the integration hub between data, web, mail, text, call, mobile, general media and partners. Our partnership and integration capabilities are unusual and based on a business practice we call “objectivity.” Objectivity gives us the credibility and trust needed—with clients, client suppliers and partners—to be a valued data services partner.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Data Integration and processing: Database build, extraction, merge purge, coding for personalization, back-loading, postal presort, load planning, planet code, USPS appointment and POD mail tracking.
  • Credit card payment processing (via any client directed merchant platform – both in real time and batch processing)
  • Modeling (all statistics-based methodologies), scoring and reporting
  • Server-based data hubs that tie together multiple vendors and customer channels for real-time program data integration of telephone, store, mail, web, customer care and partners, rules management and application, coding, back-loading.
  • Web programming for web data to web applications, micro-sites and web response and response management, hosting.
  • Membership management and customer service support systems.
  • Email distribution and tracking. Click analysis and resulting rules.
  • Data entry, standardization, deduping, record correction and back-loading and archiving.
  • Mail logistics planning, transportation management, cross docking, line haul and airfreight. Warehouse and cross docking operations offer efficient, national coverage through East Coast, Midwest and West Coast locations.
  • List acquisition, data compiling, data appending and record usage reporting
  • Data process design and implementation. Given a new marketing idea and no system, we conceptualize and architect the necessary component and assembly processes to do the job.
  • Multi-source Pre and Post Move and HELOC lists.
  • CCOA (continuous change of address) a high efficiency, weekly NCOA process for updating customer records.
  • Demographic modeling and customer segmentation.