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Deliver a Modern, Full-Service CRM Solution

LIFT is our full-service customer data platform (CDP) offering that delivers effective consumer marketing at scale. It combines all of Bridgetree’s service expertise with powerful data assets and technology stack to unlock personalized, 1:1 marketing that consumers demand. If your organization wants to deliver personalized marketing across every consumer touchpoint while maintaining a single view of your customers, learn more about how LIFT can transform your marketing results!

Marketing Strategy and Services – We help define the programs, execute the strategy and are accountable for the results, end-to-end.

Customer Data Management and Identity Resolution – We manage your first-party data,
enrich with third and second-party data, convert anonymous to known records, and persist complete customer profiles over time to maintain pristine Golden Records.

Robust Customer Data Platform (CDP) – Our best-in-class CDP can ingest any data type from any data source in real-time.

Data Science and Machine Learning – Our team of data scientists identifies opportunities and leverage LIFT’s robust model-building capabilities to deliver incremental returns.

Any Channel Orchestration and Deployment – We execute multi-step, multi-touch campaigns that can deploy across any channel to reach consumers with the right marketing at the right time.

Closed-loop Measurement and Reporting – We measure the outcomes and key metrics of your marketing with an emphasis on incremental returns.

Open Garden Architecture – All of our technology can be easily integrated with your existing martech and adtech platforms, providing clients options to complement, challenge, or replace existing systems and processes.



Drive Innovation

Our Innovation Design and Execution Accelerator (“IDEA”) delivers new, scalable market tests that rapidly unlock growth opportunities. Our agile team focuses exclusively on the design and execution of test-and-learn opportunities. We work as an innovation lab that supports in-house or partner CRM teams. Once our test learnings are validated in-market, we transition those learnings to the core marketing teams to incorporate into larger marketing programs.

Agile Innovation Team – A nimble team of marketing strategists, data scientists, application developers, and campaign operators will design, execute and evaluate marketing tests.

Art-of-the-Possible Capabilities – We focus on ways to better reach and engage consumers, which means we need to think beyond channel campaigns. Our innovation team can develop next-generation tests, such as augmented reality or geolocation targeting.

Speed-to-Learnings-to-Value – We apply minimum viable product (“MVP”) principles which result in more tests, faster results, and greater throughput
to scale.

Performance Based Options – Our ultimate goal is
to identify new ways to drive incremental marketing outcomes at scale. We are willing to construct commercial models where we only get paid for successful tests that deliver pre-defined results
at scale.



Unlock Marketing & Media Opportunities with Vendor Partners

SYMBIO is a partner-funding marketing platform that unlocks new marketing opportunities between companies and their vendor partners. SYMBIO acts as a Data Switzerland that allows partners to seamlessly purchase exclusive marketing programs, thereby creating a new monetization platform for the primary company without adding costs. 

Triple V Framework – We focus on increasing value, velocity, and volume. We will improve the amount each partner spends per marketing program, increase the frequency of spend, and add more vendor partners over time. 

End-to-End Execution – We work directly with both the primary company and their vendor partners to design campaigns, identify high propensity audiences, execute campaigns, and report results.

Partner Portal – Customized portals enable vendor partners to seamlessly purchase marketing opportunities, view performance results, and interact directly with the SYMBIO team.

Exclusive Insights and Reporting – To reinforce the value of the investments for the vendor partners, we provide exclusive end-customer insights without transferring any first party data to the vendor partners. We also work with vendor partners directly to develop business cases for incremental investments.



Execute Proven Solutions Fast

 Generated $129M in incremental sales
annually for a Leading National Retailer.

 Converted >67% incremental lift over industry standards in a single campaign for a national survey organization.

Identified >$100M of new marketing opportunities in <2 months for a Leading
National Retailer.

 Designed the bank of the future for a Fortune 50 Bank to enable personalized marketing in-branch.


Custom Solutions

We understand that sometimes our clients need Bridgetree to solve a unique problem or deliver an ad hoc project. We are happy to evaluate and scope these solutions as project-based or retainer-based models, which may span across our core capabilities:


We offer 100% in-house, white glove development and management of online advertising campaigns. Whether you want to use us for one-off campaigns or to manage an entire channel, we’re here to help you optimize media spend. Everything is hands-on keyboard work and not farmed out. We don’t believe in “setting and forgetting” it. You can expect us to check on platforms and campaigns multiple times a week to make sure they’re delivering positive ROAS.

No minimum spends! Yes, you heard us right. Many agencies buy expensive seats on things like demand-side platforms (DSPs) and then pass on the cost to you, the client, by asking for uncomfortable monthly minimum spends. Spend as little or as much as you want.

We help manage and optimize:


Not confident in your Google Analytics implementation? Is your Google Tag Manager account a mess? Have you heard about things like multi-touch attribution (MTA), but you’re not sure how to implement in a cost-effective manner?

We assist with: