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Bridgetree was founded in 1995 as WIT Development, Inc by Mark Beck and Charles Albright with a motto to “make marketing work better”. Early on, the company provided USPS logistics for initial clients R.J. Reynolds, Thomasville Furniture and US Airways. In 1997, Mark Beck renamed it to Bridgetree, Inc. and added data-mining, data production and consumer databases to the company’s list of services.

The company opened Bridgetree Research Services in 2000 in India and added data gathering and web programming. The company opened a second delivery center in 2010 in India and added mobile application programming operation as a capability.

In all these years, we have acquired specialized experience in gathering and integrating data for leading companies in telecommunications, financial services, consumer products, publishing, sports entertainment and retail. We’re managing huge, interactive customer communications and promotions, fueling lookups from databases and providing the common ground needed for large companies to partner with us.

Our company is at the forefront of innovation. We have a strong bias in favor of action — we do things, we create movement, and we’re constantly trying new things. We are experienced in managing international teams and operations. Our analysts, data scientists, developers, and business consultants make it a mission to work efficiently and use innovation to provide the benefits of low cost and very high quality to clients.

In a single sentence, Bridgetree means high quality, rapid development, innovative programs — all at very good ROI.


Bridgetree’s culture is one that emphasizes innovation, quality, accuracy, respect and honesty. We have many repeat clients due to the partnerships we develop and nurture. We have an objective approach, which allows us to be academic with our questions and non-biased with our conclusions.

We emphasize substance over “flash,” and we spend our energy focusing on our customers’ businesses. We benefit only if our customers do first.

The company is organized to operate with speed and agility. We hire the best talent, treat each other with respect, and encourage innovative thinking and independent action on behalf of our clients.

To protect our clients, we have a policy of not publicly disclosing any names, applications, web sites, data center locations, data types, sources, integration points, certifications or any other information that can cause harm if compromised. Our security posture is aggressive and our privacy policy starts with silence.

Honest, unbiased and experienced guidance. We know our customers have a choice in the partners they choose, which is why we are personally invested in every engagement. We are committed to performing at the highest level by setting ambitious goals and delivering optimal results in a timely manner. We maintain the highest ethical standards to protect our customers and invest authority in our employees.

Nearly all of our programs are multichannel — and Bridgetree constantly serves as the integration hub between data, web, mail, text, call, mobile, general media and partners. Our partnership and integration capabilities are unusual and based on a business practice we call “objectivity.” Objectivity gives us the credibility and trust needed — with clients, client suppliers and partners — to be a valued data services partner.





Chief Executive Officer
MBA, Wake Forest University – 2006
B.A. Communication Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro – 1996 

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Vice President, Sales & Business Development
B.B.A. Management, Georgia State University – 1993

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Chief Financial Officer
Bachelor Business Administration- Accounting, Mississippi State University

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Vice President, Technology
MS, Information Technology & Management – UNCG – 2007
Bachelor’s in Engineering, Industrial & Production – GIT, India – 1996

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P.O. Box 69
Fort Mill, SC


4th Floor, Vayu Block
Salarpuria GR Tech Park
Whitefield, Bangalore
India: 560066